Verdeco Plastics, Inc
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Verdeco Plastics, Inc purchases and sells any grade or color scrap or surplus plastic in truckload or less than truckload or bulk. 

We could not possibly list everything so please contact us regarding a specific material.

We purchase virgin, repro, regrind, rolls, purges, drool, lumps, performs, bottles, sheets, pallets, film, fiber, plastic parts, runners/sprues, bales, dunnage, plastic pallets, totes, knockdowns, plastic
e-scrap and most other plastic containers.

We purchase:

  • PP
  • HDPE
  • HMW
  • ABS
  • PC/ABS
  • Acrylic
  • PC
  • TPO
  • TEO
  • Nylon
  • ASA
  • PVC
  • PC/ASA
  • Noryl
  • TPE
  • POM (Acetal)
  • Styrene
  • HIPS
  • EPS
  • PE
  • PET
  • Mixed material floor sweeps